August 01, 2013

2 heavy packages :p

Falhei o post de ontem :p Desculpem, o cansaço levou a melhor! O dia foi grande e, pelo meio. a ida aos correios valeu de bom exercício.. Fui a pé mas não sabia os pesados pacotes que me esperavam! LOL Curiosas? :)

Logo que deram uma previsão da nova menina Gorjuss a ser publicado na The World of Cross Stitching, a Cath ofereceu-se para me enviar uma cópia :D Claro que fiquei super contente mas não esperava...

... tudo isto junto! :D Que festa!! Acho que ganhei a colecção toda da Margaret Sherry!!! :D ok, não toda, mas uma grande parte =) Cath, só tinha um deles, praticamente 100% novidade :D Obrigada!! Além de todas as revistas, à esquerda estão imans Gorjuss e borrachinhas que eu adoro! O que me faz lembrar que tenho de vos mostrar a minha colecção de borrachinhas, já prometi antes mas esse post ainda está pendente! Ideia para breve ;)
Obrigada por tudo Cath!! ♥

O segundo pacotinho-bem-pesado, veio da Cibele, no Brasil :D
Revistinhas e outros 'doces' mais...

... toneladas de guardanapos para découpage, um grande conjunto de cortadores em estrela, porta-chaves para colocar bordados, um set de tesourinha e lima com kokeshis muito cutes, uma caixa cheia! :D
Obrigada Ci!! ♥

Acho que o sr. Carteiro fez um intervalo, já não devem andar muitos pacotinhos em viagem, penso que apenas mais um =) Chegará em breve! Agora é a minha vez de mandar cartinhas, muitos selos para comprar!!! ;) LOL

I missed my post yesterday :p Sorry, fatigue won! My day was long and in between I had a little trip to the post office... exercise for the day! I decided to walk but had no idea how heavy were the packages waiting me! LOL Curious? :)

As soon as there was a preview of the new Gorjuss girl to be published on The World of Cross Stitching, Cath offered to send me an issue :D Of course I was super happy but I did not expect...
everything-you-can-see-above! :D Look at that photo, what a party for me! I think I won the entire Margaret Sherry collection!! :D Ok, not all, but a large part =) Cath, I had only one of them, almost 100% new :D Thank you so much! Apart from all the magazines, on the left there are 2 Gorjuss magnets and fun erasers for my collection! I love these :) What reminds me that I have to show you my collection, I promised before but that post is still pending! Note taken ;)
Thank you for everything Cath!! ♥

The second really-heavy-package, came from Cibele, in Brazil :D
Second photo, magazines and a few more treats... tons of napkins for decoupage, a large set of star cutters, plastic key chains to put a stitched piece, one set of scissor and emery board with cute Kokeshis, a box full! :D
Thank you Ci!! ♥

I think Mr. Postman is taking a break, there aren't many more packages traveling, I think just one more =) Will arrive soon! Now it's my turn to send some letters, many stamps to buy!!! ;) LOL


Brigitte said...

You're a lucky lady. Two great packages full of fun for you. Enjoy!

Carol said...

What wonderful gifts, Nia! Your birthday just keeps going--what fun :)

Emma/Itzy said...

Wonderful gifts, and yey you got the new Gorjuss girl! I love her! Do you follow Bothy Threads on Facebook, they put a post about the chart, one is a colour error - it should be DMC 844 not 644 and also if you email them your details they will send you the heart and lace so it matches all your other girls! xxx

cucki said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwww beautiful gifts..
you are a one lucky lady.
huge hugs x

Anonymous said...

wonderful gifts, happy stitching

Bernadett Rauski said...

Lovely packages,wonderful gifts my dear Nia.:)

Isabella Morais said...

É impressionante como vc sempre acha um gif animado de acordo com a postagem do dia!

Agora seu estoque de revistas E.V.A está bem gordo! Ainda bem que eu e a Ci não mandamos as mesmas revistas! :D

Mais uma vez, parabéns! Acho que ainda chegarão muitos pacotinhos!

Cath said...

So glad that your parcel arrived safely , and that the charts will be much loved by you I'm sure .
The magnets are meant to be used as needle minders , but if you just want to look at them , putting them on the fridge would work too.
Enjoy ! xxxx

Annette said...

Why did you post when I was working..
Now I;m not the first.. lol...
I have bad internet at my job.. I think the put a thing so i can't have internet anymor eon my foon.. lol...
You gor so spoiled.. it's really awesome what you all got!!
Pretty awesome..That sweet Cath, so sick and then thinking of you..
It makes me cry... too sweet..
Cibele also gave you a lot of beautifull package..
How is your back now, with waling to teh post office..
With Xmas time your not going to do that agian with you big belly I hope????

Good luck with buying all teh stamps.. not to heavy for me I hope???
I life across my mailwoman.. lol..

Rita said...

Coisinhas tao lindas!!!! Que bom!!
O meu ainda n anda em viagem, mas espero pô-lo a viajar na 2a!! Fingers crossed lol

Cibele Studart said...

Uau! Isso é absolutamente fora do normal! Entregaram bem antes do prometido \o/
Ahhh pekena, bom que agradei. Esqueci de explicar que o tecido redondinho à esquerda da foto é para tampas de vidros (acho que deu pra perceber, né). O artesanato é renascença, típico aqui de Pernambuco!! A revista cross stitcher é antiga, mas sei que darás mais uso do que eu :)
Mais uma vez: feliz aniversário!! Beijo enorme da amiga que tanto te quer bem *Ü*

Atelier Caseiro said...

Tem mais pacotinho a caminho. =)E você merece todos, todos ele, todo este carinho!

Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous gifts.

Mii Stitch said...

More lovely presents for sweet Nia!!! How cool is that?? Enjoy & have fun x

Valma said...

this birthday seems to be a wonderful one =D
So super
you received again great gifts , and you will a lot to do with all this hehehe =D
Winter will be busy

Mylene said...

wow! such lovely lovely gifts. Enjoy!!

Lumiruusu said...

What agreat mail did you recieved !

I am sure your little heart is now happy!!
The stitchers ARE the most generous people in the world -as I allways say :) :)

Jacqueline said...

WOW sweet Nia, these are just beautiful packages filled with so much goodies!! Enjoy all your beautiful gifts. :) Have a beautiful week and love to you!


Pumpkin said...

LOL! You are certainly getting a workout ;) Lovely gifties.

Stitching Noni said...

On wow! What fantastic packages you have :)
Absolutely chock full of lovelies!! ;)
Hugs x

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