dancing ♥ in the rain

A minha menina está a dançar debaixo da chuva!! :D

Puddles of Love, Gorjuss

Faz dias que não pára de chover por aqui, bordar esta Gorjuss com este tempo... até tem uma certa mística =) hehehe Mas a falta de luz natural não ajuda nada às fotos, logo que o Sol decida voltar, mostro-vos os detalhes em maior pormenor e com cores bonitas. Quando estiver na sua moldura ;)

E é festa em dose dupla porque é o 1º bordado terminado em 2013 :D

My girl is dancing in the rain!! :D

We've been under the rain for days, stitching this Gorjuss with this weather... has a certain mystique =) hehehe But the absence of natural light doesn't help for the photos, as soon as the Sun comes back, I'll show you the details with close-ups and pretty colors. When she's on her frame ;)

And it's double party because she's my 1st finish in 2013 :D


  1. Linda!!!! E nem é preciso mais!!!***=)

  2. Congratulations on your first finish for 2013 Nia, and an oh so cute one at that! She's just adorable, and can't wait to see framed! :) Beautiful work!! :)

  3. Parabéns, querida, começando o ano com chave de ouro!!!!!!! Linda!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Congrats on the finish! She's darling!

  5. Congrats on your finish :D this just makes me want to start her too! Hehe x x

  6. Such a cute design! Where did you get it? My daughters would love it!

  7. Your first finish is so adorable, Nia!! Love the heart "raindrops!"

  8. Congrats on your finish. Great job! Love the sparkle.

  9. Oooh Nia! She makes rain glamorous!! Too bad it isn't when you are waiting for the bus!! Love this finish my dear!!


  10. Congrats . she is truly gorgeous .xxx

  11. Adorable and such subtle colours.

  12. aww i think that girl is me dancing in the rain :)
    so cute..well done x

  13. Ficou linda! Parabéns pelo primeiro bordado, não podia ser melhor...

  14. ho my ! she is very beautiful
    very great job sweetie
    for a first piece of the year it's an amazing one !
    the umbrella is so beautiful
    very well done
    big hugs

  15. Parabéns!
    Está linda!

  16. São tão fofas estas meninas. Espero que estejas bem, as notícias do temporal em Portugal são assustadoras... beijinhos

  17. Congrats on your finish! Nearly just as pretty as mine! :P :D I'm only joking, she is Gorgeous!!

  18. Congrats on your first finish of 2013. She looks beautiful bad light or not.

  19. Como eu previa esta ficou muito amorosa com estes tons suaves. Apesar de ser chuva a té faz lembrar a neve.
    Parabéns, Nia por mais um lindo trabalho cheio de carinho.

  20. Hello Nia

    She's lovely, really pretty colours!
    We have snow here and lots of it.
    Have a good week.

  21. Congratulations to your lovely finish!

  22. She's so pretty! Congrats on your finish Nia :)

  23. Olá Nia
    Ficou muito linda e parabéns pelo 1º bordado completo do ano :) Beijinhos e tem uma boa semana.

  24. Volteiiiii \o/ lol
    Que lindaaaaaa!!!!! Amei!
    Por favor, gotas de chuva em formato de coração?! É de matarrrrr de fofuraaa!!!

  25. Dearest sweet Nia, Gorjuss is such a beautiful piece! I always love raining days. The weather here is getting warmer each day and less rain. Soon it will be really warm when it gets close to Valentine's day and Chinese New Year. :( But i guess i will good weather for photography. I hope the sun comes your way soon! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


  26. Well done, Nia !
    :) :)

    I am so happy Too !
    The Gorjuss with the umbrella looks adorable and
    I hardly can wait for to start this same kit I have already waiting for me :) :)

    You asked about the " new "
    the World of Cross Stitching Magazine..

    I was very worried that they will "ruin" the last magazine which have lots of cute charaters to stitch and lovely colourfull style...
    But the mag was as good as it has been :D :D

    It was only printed other way and had some new columns but the style was same.

    The quite large " Lickle Ted stitching"
    chart was so sweet and I fell love with it immediatly.

    Lickle Ted and "For Ever Friends Teddyes are my favourites and this chart was just perfect..

    Lets wait for the next issue and hope they will keep up the good work :)

  27. Nia ficou maravilhosa a Gorjuss!! Os pingos de chuva em forma de coração são muitoooooo fofinhos mesmo.
    E que bela maneira de começar os bordados deste ano.
    Beijinhos e boa semana.

  28. That is a lovely finish. She is a real cutie.

  29. Love her ,so pretty your stitching is just wonderful, hugs .

  30. Ow my she is so wonderfull..
    I love her.. she is too cute..
    The special threads are so wonderfull..
    You really did a great job on her.
    Your beautifull Gorjuss family is growing

    I send you some sun!!
    Hope it worked!!!

    Hugs to you my swetie.. from Petite Anne

  31. The girl is wonderful! She is so cute:) Congrats on your first finishing this year!

  32. Wow! Nia, this girl is so cute and pretty, I love her!! I especially love the colors, they look wonderful!
    Also here in Florence we have rain and rain, every day it's raining! I'm tired of it!!
    Big big hugs

  33. Adorable! Love the metallics! ps happy happy danCe :-)

  34. Very cute design! Lovely embroidery!!

  35. Oh isn't she just adorable?! I love the pretty rain beads you have added :)
    Lovely design for your first finish!

  36. Que linda!!!!
    Ficará perfeita em sua coleção

  37. She is beautiful!! Congratulations!


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