crochet vs blogging :p

Isto de fazer uma mantinha em crochet diminui o ritmo aqui no blog :p
Tenho postado menos mas não pensem que não ando a trabalhar com as minhas agulhas! Mostrar o progresso de uma manta é que não fica muito interessante, no ponto cruz o avanço é bastante mais visível e bonito de seguir. Crochet, seria apenas mostrar mais umas carreirinhas e outras e outras... fica monótono, não é? A boa noticia é que estou a chegar aos 'finalmentes' hehehe Na próxima semana, este blog já deve voltar ao seu ritmo habitual ;)

Aproveitem bem o vosso fim-de-semana!! :D

Making a crochet baby blanket slows down my posts here on the blog :p
I haven't been blogging as much but don't think that I haven't been working with my needles! Showing the progress of a blanket is just not that interesting, cross stitch is better to show some pretty development. Crochet, it's just about growing a few more rows each day... monotonous, right? The good news is that I'm almost done!!! Next week, this blog should return to the usual pace ;)

Enjoy your weekend!! :D


  1. Niazinha, vc é muito prendada! Taí uma coisa que n consigo fazer!
    Bjim, bom fds!

  2. Have a great weekend sweetie x

  3. Hihihihihi. I Love to see you progress sweetie.
    Not boring for me.
    Stay safe this weekend. And make its good. Soon you wil not have much time too blog maybe. So you do have to go in rehaip. Lol.

  4. Great cartoon Nia.I am looking forward to seeing your crocheted blanket again,it is very pretty x

  5. That's fine! As long as you are enjoying making something, it doesn't matter about posting. I don't post about progresses except for the SALs for both crochet and cross stitch. I feel the surprise is always revealed when we show progress. But on other side, we can't wait that long to complete and then post unless we have some fillers to post about.

  6. happy weekend♥

  7. Nós adoramos sempre as tuas partilhas, porque não é apenas o que tu fazes, mas tb a forma como falas connosco e nos contas as tuas "aventuras" que tb contam!!:D

  8. We Love seeing your progress!!! :)

  9. Good for you! You can do it! =)

  10. É verdade, tricot e crochet não dão para grandes updates no blog! Bom domingo!

    (PS - o tecido dos elefantes chegou ontem!! em breve dou notícias!)

  11. Click goes those needles... Oops crochet is one needle... So that saying does mean anything here!!
    Enjoy the process and then we can see it all in its final glory when you have finished :)
    Stay safe and warm
    Hugs xx

  12. Crocheting is fun! I totally agree with you about the inverse relationship between blogging & crocheting. I'm experiencing it too. :D

  13. Oooh! I looove your baby blanket! It looks so soft and wonderful. You are a very fast crocheter!! I like all of your posts my dear!! xoxo!

  14. Simplesmente adorei a figura! Perfeita! lollada!!!

  15. I love that picture =)
    I found it on pinterest and almost pinned it
    so funny
    going to update next post and see your progress

  16. ahahah amei a foto loll
    Pois..leva mais tempo realmente (acho q foi por isso q crochet e tricot nunca me fascinaram:P) mas dps vai se ro máixmo vê-la feita;)


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