January 15, 2014

not 1 but 2 months ahead! :)

Obrigada por todas as vossas palavras simpáticas no meu último post =)
Ainda temos dois meses pela frente, algumas pessoas já estão a encurtar a viagem para apenas 1 mesinho, não façam isso! Eu quero que passe devagar, não cortem ainda mais! ;) hahahahah Começámos o 8º mês (32 semanas) e ainda temos até 12 de Março, data prevista para o parto :)

Com a barriguinha a ficar mais redonda, o ritmo abranda mas ainda há tempo que chegue para mais alguns crafts ;) Espero fazer mais uns bordadinhos durante este mês e passar Fevereiro a entreter-me com os últimos detalhes na decoração do quartinho :D

Falando em bordados, tenho mais uma fraldinha terminada :)

Giraffe, DMC Baby (BK073)

Os bichinhos fofos funcionam muito bem para os meninos, não acham? :) Sempre achei que era mais fácil bordar coisas mimosas para meninas, até que tenho conseguido encontrar opções fofinhas para menino, sem ter de ceder aos carrinhos e comboios! :p LOL

Para o próximo post, um flashback dos bordados finalizados em 2013 :)
E prometo que também farei um post com todos os bordados que fiz para o meu pequeno smurf =) heheheh A Annette já me pediu, não está esquecido ;)
Uma óptima quarta-feira para todos! :D

Thank you for all your sweet words on my last post =)
There are still two months to go, some people are already shortening the trip to only 1 month, please don't do that! I want time to pass slowly, don't cut it short even more! ;) hahahahah We started the 8th month (32 weeks) and we still have until March 12th, the prediction for the due date :)

With my baby bump getting rounder, I'm slowing my pace but there's still time for a few more crafts ;) I hope to do some more cross stitching during this month and spend February having fun with the last details on the nursery decoration :D

Speaking of stitching, here's one more finished piece for my baby, another giraffe :) Cute animals work very well for baby boys, don't you agree? :) I always thought it was easier to stitch sweet things for girls, somehow I managed to find good options to make adorable things for my baby boy, without having to yield to cars and trains! :p LOL

Coming on my next post, a flashback of all my cross stitch finishes from 2013 :)
And I promise I'll also make a post with all I've made for my little smurf heheheh Annette has asked me for that, it's not forgotten ;)
A wonderful Wednesday to everyone! :D


Patrícia Faria said...

Linda giradinha Nia ;)
Você tem razão tem muita opção fofa para meninos tbm =)

Annette said...

aaaaa what a cute piece again..
Are you making a baby blanket??
It so cute this piece!!

hihi finally a foto of all you made..
Also can't wait to see what your all have been making in 2013.. it will be very much.. and a lot of blue.. lol!!!

Noooo 2 monts still.. please.. we all need more tiem ( Voldemort..lol).. so keep the baby in till March 12 please.... lol

Emma/Itzy said...

He is very sweet! xxx

Preeti said...

That's a cute giraffe !! especially the pose:)
Can't wait to see all of them together! Even I was thinking of asking you for the same. Right now cute animals are perfect, but eventually, after few years, you will yield to trains and cars . It all depends on Lorenco's stitch list then :)

Rhona said...

Awww, such a cute design. Looking forward to seeing all your makes.

Vickie said...

So sweet!

Christina said...

Another adorable piece. I agree, you have found sweet things to stitch for your boy.

Atelier Caseiro said...

Que docinho esta girafa! :D

Mii Stitch said...

What a cute giraffy finish!! I love it!!!

Lesleyanne said...

A very cute giraffe finish.

Lesley said...

A baby giraffe is perfect Nia. I stitched one very similar in a birth sampler for our younger grandson when he was born on 1st January 2010.
I totally agree,as you are healthy and enjoying your pregnancy it is lovely to enjoy every minute left of this stage:-)

Anonymous said...

So sweet

Xeihua (Sara) said...

A girafinha está um amor... se uma pessoa procurar bem há montes de bordados giros para bebés.... é o bom dos bebés eheheh :) Aproveita bem agora :) E fico à espera das fotos todas. Beijinhos :)

Madalena Santos said...

Aparentemente, há mais opções para as meninas. Mas, ultimamente, tenho visto gráficos lindos para rapaz. A verdade é que para bebé, tudo é muito fofo!
Está uma fraldinha linda!

simone arrais said...

E temos um vencedor!!!!!!!!! Eis meu bordado preferido desta série!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Por quê? Por quê????? LOL Bjs!!!!

Carol said...

Aww... the giraffe is very sweet. I've so enjoyed seeing all the cute things you've stitched and created for your little boy, Nia--he is one lucky little baby :)

Stitching Noni said...

Adorable! I think little boys like cute animals just as much as cars and trains... :) good choice!!
Hugs xx

Valma said...

indeed , Petite Anne is right, we need more time to finish our Voldemor SAL =D
1 month would be too short...please Baby L stay cosy in your mum's belly for a while =D
how adorable is this giraffe !
I love how she stays =)
here the giraffes for baby are called Sophie but both boys & girls love her =)
I think there will be a day you'll turn to cars & planes =D
Or not ! it will depend of his tastes...but whatever he loves, his mum will create great pieces to please him =)
big hugs sweetie

Brigitte said...

It's wonderful to see the little zoo that you create for your baby boy. And believe me, trains and cars will come sooner than you think, lol.

CoccinellaDots said...

Coincidencia, também bordei essa girafinha a uma amiga minha que está grávida de um baby boy! É mega cute! :D Bordei-lhe algumas peças e também "fugi" dos comboios, aviões e carros! LOL

Daniela said...

(Agora com o email correto...)
Ficou uma girafa muito fofa!

Rita said...

A girafa está muito fofa e tu estás muito bonita :) Tudo a correr bem e um grande beijinho :*

butterfly said...

Sorry I am late reading blogs lovely stitching and wow you are growing your bump , you look beautiful hugs.

vera sousa said...

Super fofa...tem mesmo aquele toque de miminho...Parabéns

Katie said...

What a cute little bump! 32 weeks is still the comfortable time, I was happy to go at 38 with Lily though ;). Lucky baby to have so many stitched items!!

Cynthia said...

É linho ou etamine? Lindo de qq maneira! Parabéns!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Animals are good for all babies! Maybe he will like dragons rather than cars and trains as he grows up. Mine son certainly does!

Bernadett Rauski said...

Enjoy your 2 months with your baby in your belly!!!
The last month will be a bit long...your belly will be too big...I remember I always forgot about my baby in my belly and got a crash with the kitchen table in the middle of the kitchen...we have a kind of "USA" style kitchen mixed with German style.:)))

Hugs and kisses.:)
Have a wonderful weekend.:)

Fernanda Prevedello said...

Teu enxoval está ficando muito lindo! E todos os escolhidos são um mimo!

Angel said...

The last weeks are the longest (especially when you have to wait till 42 weeks...pfff i know:-).
So i hope your baby wont keep you waiting too long.
The giraffe is supercute!

Rita said...

Pensava q era meados de fevereiro!! Não sei porquê! Ah ainda tens mto tempo!;))
Que girafa tão fofa!! Percebo bem o q dizes sobre carrinhos e comboios loll

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