Someone has a new hairdo...

Alguém tem um penteado novo...

Vou dar-lhe roupa este fim-de-semana ;)

I'll give her some clothes this weekend ;)


  1. Esta vai nascer à velocidade da luz!!!
    Bom fim de semana!!

  2. At least the weather has warmed up as she has no clothes at the moment. hehe:)
    Lovely stitching Nia.Have a great weekend.

  3. Olá Nia
    Lindo cabelo que a tua menina mais nova tem sem dúvida que vai ser uma menina muito bonita,
    Tem um bom fim de semana beijinhos :)

  4. Very cute hairdo! I love her rosy cheeks, too!

  5. Look at that.. you made a great progress...
    I'm in a game mood.. haven't touched my needles in days.. only playing games... hope to do some this evening.. I'm missing it.. lol!!!

  6. Another cutie about to take shape!! Enjoy your weekend, Nia :)

  7. Very nice. Also check out
    reminds me a little of your cute workshop on the side.

  8. Ela está... pelada?! Ui!!

  9. My sweet Nia, I have jsut caught up with your posts (all nine of them!) since I last sat down and did some blog reading.

    So much baby talk! :D I think soon it will be your turn yes?? hehehe

    Your stitching is so sweet, and another Gorjuss girl - I just got my latest copy of WOXS and in the back showing what is to come next month there is an exclusive Gorjuss girl!!! xxx

  10. Great start... Poor girl running around without clothes... But at least her hair looks good... After all us girls do like our hair to look good, don't we? :)
    Looking forward to your next update :)
    Hugs x

  11. Nice! I have that one too somewhere in my stash!!! She's looking good! You'll finish her in no time xox

  12. lovely =)
    is she the one over books ? it seems...
    can't wait to see more ....
    I hope you had a turbo needle this weekend hehehe
    big hugs

  13. oinnnn, como dizem as meninas por aí! Está muito lindinha assim desta maneira, imagine depois de pronta hein?! Qquer dia me arrisco em fazer mais uma dessas para minha parede!

    Beijos mil Niazinha, tenha uma ótima semana!

  14. Impossível não reconhecer este penteado. Mais uma beleza para a parede especial da Nia ;)

  15. ahhh estava a reconhecer este penteado e pelos teus ultimos posts ja vi q tinha razao!!! A gemea da minha!! weeeee:D

  16. Your such a fast and neat stitcher..
    So beautifull.
    The fabric is a bit pink???
    very beautifull.

  17. Look at that pretty hair! :o)


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